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Level 31
Raffles Place
Six Battery Road
Singapore 049909
Tel: (65) 6322 8514
Fax: (65) 6322 0808


Triquest Holdings is an Outsourcing Service Provider that delivers talent management, outsourced management and operational support services to technology companies seeking to expand and/or enhance their presence in Asia Pacific & Japan region.

Our Mission:

To develop entrepreneurship in technology startups by delivering a well-defining process in meeting a company's objective to deliver maximum return to the shareholders.

To effectively achieve this aspect, one of Triquest's core functions is to act as a Manufacturers Representative for technology companies seeking an efficient and profitable sales presence and market share in Asia Pacific & Japan region.

Triquest's principal consultants has built up an impressive network of regional and international contacts with resellers and distributors, with many years of strong adept experience in securing Asia Pacific & Japan sales and establishing significant key end-user contacts and relationships.

With specified and defined Asia Pacific & Japan countries and territories, Triquest will provide a network of proven storage resellers which will be managed personally by our key country sales associate. Triquest will efficiently maintain these resellers and manage sales operation in the Asia Pacific & Japan region on behalf of the U.S. based technology companies who have signed up with us. In addition, these assets have direct contacts with influential end-user accounts in the government, commercial and scientific communities.

Triquest will be an instrumental and much-needed collaborator for your business, if you want to get your products into the hands of key players for evaluation and purchase. Triquest will obtain qualified and solid feedback for the Asia Pacific & Japan market regarding your product as well as establish key wins to generate end user testimonials from which will further seed your product and develop dominance and standardization on your offering.

Highly desirable results can be achieved and objectives accomplished without incurring any unnecessary costs such as business travel and entertainment charges, office and employee overheads on the part of these U.S. based technology companies. Hence enabling them to establish and maintain a dominant market presence, perception and position in Asia Pacific & Japan at a nominal cost.

Whether your plans involve revenue production and/or investment in the Asia Pacific & Japan market, Triquest can make business sense in the interim for developing corporate and product/services identity for your company at a much lower cost than a direct infrastructure organization.

It is a weak economy and everyone is trying to keep their "heads above the water" with frozen budgets and overworked staff. Playing the waiting game will only allow opportunities for your competitors to record their business and build their presence while your company anticipates for a favorable turn-around in the technology industry, waiting to invest in building name and brand awareness until the tide turns.

It is time to act now. Triquest offers a very attractive and professionally competent and aggressively focused vehicle to assist you in achieving your objectives and goals. Drop us a mail and we will share with you our plans without obligations.




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