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Level 31
Raffles Place
Six Battery Road
Singapore 049909
Tel: (65) 6322 8514
Fax: (65) 6322 0808


As a Triquest partner, you will be able to leverage on our expertise and resources through an outsourced business development model which offers predictable costs, scalability, minimal risk, strong market presence and rapid market traction.


1. Predictable Cost

With an outsourced model, you pay a fixed annual subscription that allows you to establish and maintain market presence, perception and position in the region at a nominal cost.

You also minimize the investment needed to launch a successful business in the region by eliminating office and employee overheads as well as business travel and entertainment charges.

2. Scalability

With Triquest as your partner, you will be able to scale your operations according to the dynamic demands of your business. Modular service offerings covering all aspects of business operations from office setup to sales and media relations enable you to select and pay for only what you need.

3. Minimal Risk

By providing you with a fixed, predictable fee for business setup and operations and clearly defined rates and deliverables for other services, you will have more visibility in your costings and be better able to minimize risks as you budget for your expansion plans in the region.

4. Strong market presence

By leveraging on Triquest, you will be able to build up a strong market presence for your products and services by tapping on the expertise and network of a pool of professional consultants who are already well established in the market.

5. Rapid market traction

You benefit from a well-established network of distributors with touch points into key market segments and a strong track record in sales.




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